So I declared today a rest day as my shins have been throbbing since my 6 miles on Saturday. I did a very slow 2.25 miles yesterday and iced but I’m being extra cautious. A stress injury last year prevented me from running my first scheduled half marathon so I do not want a repeat of that!! I am signed up for the Great Bay Half Marathon in April so I only have about 5 weeks to go. I’m not really following a training schedule this time around (I followed Hall Higdon’s Novice half program last year) only because it has been hard to get out during the week (not enough daylight!).  I try to get my mileage in Sat-Mon since I have those days off from work.

It was a rest day from exercise but was very busy otherwise! My brother-in-law is coming to stay with us on Wednesday so I had lots of cleaning to do! I love a sparkling house! It will last for about 2 hours. ..

Well, have a good night! Time for some How I Met Your Mother! 🙂