Back to work today! Very rushed this morning so breakfast was a piece of whole wheat bread (not even toast!) with natural PB smeared on it on my way out the door. And of course, my iced coffee from the coffee shop…I somehow always make time for this part! 🙂 Lunch was leftovers from last night, meatloaf and mashed potatoes…not exactly healthy or low-fat but it was quite good! My first time making it…success, I’d say!

I got home around 5:30 and since it was still light out, decided to go for a short run around the neighborhood (same 2.25 mile loop I ran on Sunday). It was chillier than I was expecting…sunshine equals warmth, right? 😉 Well, the shins are still giving me some trouble…

These may be the culprits!

I’m trying to convince the husband that I need new shoes…he’s not buying it! Maybe this weekend…this is getting frustrating! I stretched and iced so hopefully they start to feel better soon!

Off to make dinner! I’m throwing together a very simple chicken noodle soup using a routisserie chicken that I picked up on Saturday. Yum!