Boston Marathon today! Watched it from my couch… 😀 I love watching the elites! They are so amazing.

I recently signed up at a local gym since I really wanted to start strength training. I waited until I completed my half marathon to really get started and I have been a handful of times now. I really like it a lot! It’s never very busy so sometimes I am the only one there (good for me, not so good for them)! I really hate crowded gyms and feeling like everyone is watching my every move…especially when I’m first starting something new!

I had a consultation with a personal trainer and he walked me through most of the machines and kind of set up a routine for me. I am mostly working on upper body strength but do some lower body if I feel like it. 😀

Ready for my date! 🙂 ( See that water bottle? It’s from Wal-Mart and it is amazing!! It has a built-in straw, which I love…I bought four of them…lol)

I warmed up and got a little cardio in with 20 minutes on the elliptical. Then I did a series of strength machines for the upper body for about 45 minutes. On each I would try to do 3 sets of 10-12 reps with the machine set at 20 lbs. I did some crunches on a ball and finished with a mile on the treadmill. It felt really good to run again! I’m taking a little break from running right now…I’m actually enjoying not training for a race . I am looking into one at the end of May but am still undecided.

I really enjoy running but sometimes it can feel like a chore!

Enjoy your Monday afternoon!