A run or the gym…a run or the gym…The gym won this time! I’ve really been enjoying strength training lately! I was the only person there the whole time! It was awesome! I warmed up with 10 minutes on the elliptical. Then I did about 45 minutes of different strength machines for the upper body. I tried to do 3 sets of 12 on each machine. I can already feel myself getting stronger! Yay! I set most of the machines at 20-25 lbs. for each arm.

I decided to give spinning a try tonight and went for a 15 minute “ride” to get in some cardio. It was great! I just did a random workout and chased after the little dotted hills on the screen! 🙂 I was sweating so much by the time I was done.

I came home and was feeling quite hungry. Introducing…..

Nature’s Peanut Butter Cups! 🙂 A date with a smear of natural peanut butter (probably about a 1/2 tsp).

Soo good! I’m not sure if I’ve ever had dates before! I was kind of surprised at the texture… I thought they were more like prunes. I had one plain and the one above. This would definitely satiate a sweet tooth! Yum!

I also had a glass of iced tea (Arizona).

I’ve switched to this from iced coffee. For some reason I was just kind of sick of it and the caffeine was elevating my blood sugars a lot. This obviously isn’t the best option as it has high fructose corn syrup but the amount of caffeine has been getting me through the day without a headache. And it’s delicious! I should really start to brew my own…I’m not banning coffee but just want to be able to go without caffeine and not get a headache!

I also wanted something salty so I had some dark russet potato chips.

I probably ruined my appetite for dinner! I’m trying to get the husband to take me out tonight to look for some furniture! Our house is still not fully furnished and we have been here for almost a year!! Time to hit the showers…

Enjoy your evening!