I went for my first run outdoors since the half marathon in April… it’s been too long! It was crazy muggy but it felt so good to get out.


Rural running safety tip- always run with only one ear bud so you can hear coming traffic! I notice that I do this even at the gym now…I just like to be aware of my surroundings! 🙂

And After…

I was dripping! And I only went 2.25 miles! Starting off slowly…note the Wal-Mart water bottle! Woot!

The Husband is in Minnesota for the next two weeks visiting family so I am on my own. He left the gardens in my hands…this could be bad! Very bad! I made myself a barbeque chicken personal pizza for dinner.

I just used barbeque sauce (too much), shredded chicken, and cheese on a pre-made crust. Not too bad!

With Honest Ade to drink and strawberries for dessert!


Well I’m off to bed…I have quite the headache going on!

Sweet Dreams!