My evening may have consisted of a little yoga! 😉 After we got home from lunch and shopping I was really needing a good work out…and Runner’s World was waiting in my mailbox! Woo hoo! It definitely motivated me to go out for a run.

(I need to work on my mirror self portraits!:)…note the yard sale mirror!)

I set out to run a 3.5 mile loop but quickly adjusted my plan. I didn’t drink nearly enough water today and was definitely feeling it! I used to force myself to stick with my planned mileage even if I was feeling off but I have learned my lesson! After a mile I was starting to get cramps (lack of water!) so I stopped for a minute to stretch. The route I picked today is extremely hilly (what part of New England isn’t) and they kicked my butt today! I decided to just turn around and head back home as I had no Husband to pick me up if the cramp got really bad! Some may call it lazy, I call it smart! 🙂 I have learned my lesson on the consequences of not being in tune with your body!

All in all I ran 2 miles in 22 minutes. I always have to remind myself that the hills play a huge part in my slower pace and to try not to beat myself up over it! They may not be conducive to speed but they surely help strengthen!

Once home I still felt like I needed to do something else so I put on beginners yoga On Demand. I did 30 minutes of the 45 minute program and it was awesome! I need to get myself a mat ASAP though…I love learning the different poses and even tried some balancing poses tonight! Those will take a lot of practice! I also need to work on my breathing but I’m sure that will come as I get more familiar with the poses and don’t need to concentrate so much.

Dinner consisted of a nectarine and a whole wheat english muffin with Justin’s maple almond butter…I was seriously craving it! Yum! I’m still hungry though so I may grab something in a bit…I need veggies in my life!