Hi guys! It’s been a while…the husband is back in MN and I am back to running! I’m following Hal Higdon’s Novice plan again. Yesterday I went out for a 2 miler right after work. It has been so hot this week and I was dying! I felt so sick when I got back home…I feel like a wimp! After only two miles too! Oh boy…

Today I decided to wait a bit after I got home from work to let it cool off a little. I ate a whole wheat english muffin with strawberry jam around 6 and set out at 6:30. A lot cooler! I did need a few walking breaks but overall it was a good run! I did 3 miles in about 32 minutes.

Rocking out to my new favorite song (and yes I was doing the hand motions as I was running! :D). I played it three times! Definitely got me moving!

I read somewhere (probably in Runner’s World) that when you feel like you need to stop and walk to do so, but only for about 10-15 seconds. The article stated that this is all your body really needs to recover. It really does help! I count it out in my head and then make myself start running again and I really notice a difference in my energy level. Some people might say that it is cheating to walk some but if it helps in my overall time and energy, I’m all for it! Jeff Galloway’s method is completely based around running/walking combos…

Hal has me running 4 miles this weekend! Hopefully it is a little cooler.

Peace out!