With my adjusted training schedule I was due to run two miles or cross train. I usually try to run on the days that give you an option since the more mileage the better! I set out to run one mile out and back with one goal in mind: run faster! Many articles and studies have shown that to improve your pace you have to simply run faster! Easy, right? Not quite…it takes time to build up to a faster pace and so many things affect you each day that it can almost seem impossible.

Many people talk about race pace and training pace, with your training pace being significantly slower. For me, I have one pace. And it is not too speedy to say the least. In the races I have run I am always disappointed with my time, expecting that I will magically be able to run faster than the pace I have been training at. I haven’t put in much time actually running faster! You need to train your body to run at that pace so you can know if you’re about to burn out or can keep pushing on. When you get beyond the novice training programs they usually work speed work into the schedule. I have not traversed into that territory yet.

Since the midweek run is either two or three miles all the way through the program, I am going to treat this as my “speed work” day. I can run faster for a couple of miles, right? Of course…I hope…maybe…To be completely honest, I’m a little intimidated by the thought of running faster. I’m comfortable at my turtle pace. Well, here goes nothing!

Running faster makes you sweaty! And I didn’t run a whole lot faster but I did run negative splits! Woohoo! Negative splits happen when you run each split (a mile in this case) faster than the previous one.

My Splits:

  • Mile 1- 10:47
  • Mile 2- 9:19

Total Time- 20:06 (10:04 average pace)

Now to watch that improve each week, along with my average pace on my longer runs! We hope… 😀

Dinner tonight was not very good so here is last nights dinner that I wanted to share last night but didn’t have time:

Green peppers and tomatoes from the garden…so good! And bagel pizzas! 🙂 Not exactly gourmet but delicious!

We are really getting low on groceries but I just can’t seem to find the ambition…maybe tonight…