Saturday was a full day of cleaning! We scrubbed our house from top to bottom…feels so nice and organized! I had planned to go for a run before we started cleaning but didn’t get the chance. I fueled up with a bagel with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter (got a new jar!!) and iced tea (to try to avoid the headache).

Needless to say after a couple of hours of scrubbing I was a little tired and not really in the mood for a run. I just thought about how I would regret not going for the run but would never regret the run if I did it and that helped me out the door.

I had 5 miles planned so I brought my fuel belt along. So vogue, right? 😉

I always run with some type of GU or shot block even on shorter runs since my blood sugar levels can drop mid run. Today I put Gatorade in one bottle and water in the other. The Gatorade helped me so much! Just the boost I needed. About a mile in I started cramping up really bad! I get this cramp in my lower abdomen that is crippling! I’m not exactly sure what it is from but I always feel like I could just curl up on the side of the road when I get it. I walked for a while, hoping it would pass. I debated heading back home but then it started to subside. I’m glad I pushed through it! 5 miles complete! 🙂 Definitely not speedy but just to get the mileage in is good enough for me! There were two killer hills on this route that slowed me down a lot!

I came home to find these sitting on the counter…

The husband’s not-so-subtle request for fresh salsa! Everything is out of our garden, except for the garlic. I decided to relax for a bit first…

I settled in with Runner’s World, an apple, and an ice pack! My shins have been a little sore but I never feel like icing so I decided to be proactive. I do not want a repeat of my stress injury that forced me into a running hiatus during my first attempt at training for a half marathon.

Notice the new pillow? I got them Friday night at Target after seeing them on Young House Love. I love the color and the rosettes!

The afternoon was spent chopping veggies for salsa since we don’t have a food processor (I really need one ASAP!).

Yum! I’ll post the recipe later this week…we kind of just threw everything together! We are working to come up with the perfect salsa recipe!

We stopped at a farm stand on our way out to dinner and picked up some goodies!

Peaches, a cucumber, blueberries and some Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge!

Do you have a favorite fresh salsa recipe? Please share!