If you haven’t tried grilled pizza yet (and you have a grill) I suggest you do so soon! It really can’t get easier than this and the flavors are amazing! A little bit of a brick oven flavor! We were looking into building a brick oven in our back yard since I love brick oven pizza but I may be content with this! You can make this with any dough recipe or store-bought dough (which we used) and so many varieties of toppings but I’ve included a “recipe” below…feel free to just wing it! I’m sure it will be delicious!

Grilled Pizza

Preheat your grill to about 500-550 degrees.

For the crust, mix up your dough or used some of the store-bought variety. We used a whole wheat crust that we picked up last week. You’ll probably want to make individual pizzas as they can be a little tough to flip over (you grill both sides) if they’re too big. Divide the dough into equal parts and spread to the thickness you desire; you’ll want to go pretty thin as it rises a bit while cooking. Coat both sides with olive oil and put onto a piece of aluminum foil or a cookie sheet (or anything that it won’t stick to). Have all of your toppings ready (sauce, cheese, miscellaneous tidbits) as the whole process is pretty quick.

Put your crust onto the grill (no toppings yet!) and close the lid. We let them cook for about 3-4 minutes. Check for your desired brownness and remove from the grill, flipping over onto your non-stick surface, uncooked side down. Now you put your toppings on!

Cheese and pepperoni, we went really crazy! 😉 Note: If you are using a topping that takes a while to cook you will want to pre-cook them (veggies, meats, etc.).

Return the pizzas to the grill for about 5 more minutes. Remove and enjoy! Such a great weekday meal (or any time, as we made them Sunday night)! 😀