Hi guys! Today I actually felt like I was making some progress with my running abilities! Sticking somewhat to your training schedule can really pay of! Who knew?! πŸ˜‰ The weather was a big help too…a cloudy 75 degrees with a slight breeze…ahh! Just what I needed to give me a little boost, after I got out the door that is.

After my so-so 5 miler on Saturday I was really dreading going out tonight and I was dragging my feet. I had to remind myself that I would regret the run that I didn’t do but never the run I DID do…I started by getting into my running clothes and finally I was off!

What a great run!! I felt so good the entire time and didn’t walk once! That’s pretty good for me because lately I have been having to take walk breaks, even on shorter runs. I even took on a hill and won! πŸ˜€

I wasn’t very speedy but I didn’t even care…speed will come.

  • Total Miles- 3.52
  • Time- 37.07
  • Average pace- 10:33/mile

I came home and didn’t really feel like making dinner so we made up a veggie plate (from the garden!) and heated up some baked beans.

My plate…

Tomatoes, green pepper, and beans! I love beans! πŸ™‚ I went back for a second serving…

We also had the cucumber we got from the farm stand on the side, soaked in vinegar (the husbands favorite). Seasoned with salt and pepper, chilled with ice cubes.

Watermelon for dessert!

Enjoy your evening!