Today was just one of those days in which I couldn’t seem to find any energy! I was sluggish all day! Maybe it was the heat…I’m such a wimp about it! 🙂

Breakfast was two whole wheat frozen waffles with vanilla Oikos greek yogurt (which I have decided I do not like), flax, a sliced peach, and a drizzle of honey…I think my greek yogurt of choice is either Fage 2% or 0% or Chobani Honey…the Oikos has a funny taste to it.

I also grabbed an iced coffee from a local shop on my way to work…southern pecan! Yum! I get mine with milk and sugar. I used to drink my iced coffees with extra cream and extra sugar, then I moved down to regular, and now am drinking it with milk…baby steps!

My packed lunch was a green salad with a leftover turkey burger patty and caesar dressing…oh and a couple of leftover croutons and a peach on the side.

This didn’t really hold me over all that well so I had a few pretzels in the afternoon.

I got home and ate another peach pre-run…I think I am overdosing on peaches! That was three today!! Oh boy…they are just too delicious!

I decided to head to the gym for my four mile run since it was so hot out…and because I really was not in the mood to run so I figured if I wanted to cut it short, all I would have to do is stop the treadmill! 🙂 Yup, I was planning on being lazy…I’ll admit that sometimes I get really sick of running!

My run was actually really great! Sweaty, but I felt really good the whole time. I ran 4 miles in 41:03…treadmill running is so much easier on the body than pounding pavement! But much more boring…

I was soaked!! It felt so good to get the run in though!

Dinner was quick and easy since it was already pretty late…grilled cheese and soup! 🙂 Definitely missing nutrients but it sure tasted delicious!

Yes, that’s ramen! lol…sometimes it just hits the spot…I also randomly ate two pickles. Sodium overload!

A brownie may be calling my name…after I drink a gallon of water!

Shark week is on! 😀