Hi guys! I’m back! I’m not sure what was going on last week but I was just in some sort of funk that I couldn’t pull out of. I couldn’t find the energy to do anything!! I didn’t run all week and I just had an all around “off” week. Hopefully that is over now!

We stayed in on Friday night and made some delicious lettuce wraps and sesame noodles. So good and better than a restaurant meal! Recipes to come…

This weekend was pretty busy but after not running all week I decided that it needed to be my priority. My training schedule called for a 5K race in place of a long run as a step back week (a week of reduced mileage) but I really needed to get mileage in. I planned on 7 miles for Saturday. I decided to try fueling up with some cereal as I have been having some issues with stomach cramps during my runs lately.

Quaker Oatmeal Squares! I’ve been addicted to this stuff lately…yum!

The milk didn’t really settle well but I didn’t have any cramping! I’ll having to keep testing things out…I loaded up my camelbak (borrowed from my mom) and headed out around 10:30. It was nicely shaded for the first couple of miles and I felt good! The camelbak worked out great and I plodded along. I was definitely a little stiff and slow but kept at it. My run consisted of two loops, one was 4.5 miles and the second was 2.5. After the first loop I took a few slurps of this GU.

It was starting to get really hot and I was slowing down. I had to use walking breaks to get through the last loop but I made it! Seven miles complete! I’m a little disappointed with my pace (11:59/mile average :() but I’m trying to be content with the fact that I finished the run!

Very sweaty and relieved to be done!

I stretched and started refueling with a peach.

Lunch was leftover lettuce wraps and noodles.

I also snacked on some ice cream! 🙂

We went to a family BBQ for dinner but I didn’t get any photos…the food was delicious! Chicken, salad, potatoes, and a roll….and strawberry shortcake for dessert! Yum!

Today has been pretty relaxing…a rest day from running! Church and hanging out with family makes for a great Sunday!!

Time for the work week to begin…to soon!!