I was feeling a little lazy when I got home from work yesterday so I kept putting off my run. Maybe it was the heat but I was just lacking in the energy department. I decided to eat dinner and see how I was feeling after.

We revisited grilled pizza with a new sauce this time! We just chopped up some fresh Roma tomatoes from the garden and mixed with some olive oil, salt, garlic, fresh oregano and fresh basil. I let this sit for a little bit while I got everything together (pre-made dough, mozzarella, pepperoni). It was so delicious!! I love that the sauce was so simple and fresh. We will definitely be making this again.

Around 8:00 I decided it was now or never. I knew I would regret the run that never happened so I laced up my shoes and headed out. I used this run as a “speed work” session and set out for two miles. My final time was 19 minutes even! Both splits were 9:30! Woot! It felt so good to run faster and I improved from last time (my last speedy run was 2 miles in 20:06). Hopefully it keeps going down!

I’m going to stay in tonight but will hopefully get some mileage in tomorrow!

Enjoy your evening!