It has been raining for the past couple of days which has actually been a nice change from the heat! This past weekend I had a long run of 8 miles planned and actually did 10! Woo hoo! It felt so good even though my feet are now covered in blisters from my wet socks…It was a really slow run (11:20 pace) but I believe it was a little faster than the last time I ran that route so that is a little bit of an improvement!

Tonight I decided to do my “speed work” session since I didn’t have a whole lot of time. I headed out on the same 2 mile route that I have been using. Being that this was my first run since my long run on Sunday, I was a bit stiff. I really pushed myself though and beat my time!

Not too shabby! Two miles at a 9:16 pace…I really need to be running more throughout the week and I’m sure this pace would drop even more!

Once home the Husband and I threw some dinner together. Definitely lacking greens but it hit the spot! Two cage free eggs, shredded potatoes and bacon! 🙂

(Not exactly photogenic either!)

So, now to my big news…I got a new job! 🙂

Next Friday will be my last day at my current position. I decided that it was time for a change and I got a job at a cafe/bakery! It’ll be a little sad to leave but I am excited for something new. It will be more active too which should help with my weight loss*! Should be interesting!

 *I don’t think I’ve really mentioned too much about my weight loss plan or goals yet but I will do a new post on it sometime…I’m down 4 lbs. so far!