So since I only have three weekends left before my half marathon I decided that my remaining long runs would be 10, 11, and 12 miles. Today was supposed to be cooler and cloudy (thanks to Hurricane Earl) so I was pretty excited for my run.

I woke up around 8:15 and it was sunny and 70! Not cool! It actually was quite breezy so it didn’t feel so hot but the sun was brutal! I decided to just deal with it and prepared a pre-run breakfast of a bagel with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter with water and iced tea to drink.


I only ate half of it though…next time I need to remember that so I don’t waste it again!

All geared up and ready to go! I bought this CamelBak a couple of weeks ago and used it once before…this was the real test! It holds 50 ounces of liquid and has a small pocket for fuel, keys, phone, etc.

DSC_0431[1] DSC_0434[1]

And I was off! I decided to run a big loop that I hadn’t done before…my first mistake was not mapping it out beforehand to get the exact mileage. Another runner had told me that is was 10 miles…well I either misheard them or they lied because it was actually 12! At about Mile 6 I was starting to wonder how it could only be 4 more miles…and it wasn’t. This loop was tough! Almost no shade and LOTS of hills! I had to take quite few walking breaks to get through.

At Mile 7 a man came out to the side of the road to cheer me on! It was so awesome!! He asked how far I was going and wished me luck! That put a smile on my face for the next couple of miles!

I brought a GU, some Shot Blocks, and a fruit snack along and ended up only eating the fruit snack, which actually worked out pretty good. My issue is that when running, my gag reflex is super sensitive. So the GU’s and blocks usually make me gag (the GU because of the texture and the blocks because they are really big). The fruit snacks were great because they were small! I will have to try this again next week! A small problem occurred around Mile 9…I ran out of water! I was sweating so much so I was almost constantly drinking. Living in a rural area there really wasn’t anywhere for me to stop, though I did contemplate knocking on someone’s door to ask to use their hose. 🙂 I sucked it up for the last three miles…not fun!!

I was so very glad to be home! I hobbled in the door and bee lined it for a glass of water and a cold shower, both of which were glorious! My left foot is covered with blisters but other than that I feel good! The blisters tell me that I need new shoes (I got them on my 10 miler too, in the same spot). My average pace was 12:10/mile. Not that great but I’m just happy to have ran 12 miles! 😀 The hills and heat definitely had an impact on my pace…hopefully next week will be better!

I started refueling with a bagel pizza and a glass of milk.


I also had a glass of iced tea and a cupcake! 😀

Cleaning and relaxing are on my to-do list!