Yesterday we decided to head over to Hollis so that we could drive the race course (I am running the Applefest Half Marathon on September 25th). I have such a hard time reading an elevation map so I just wanted to see the hills for myself.

Course map…check!


Iced Coffee…check!


Driver…check! 🙂


Driving the course made me excited and nervous!! Only two weeks to go! I made a few notes on the map just so I could remember what I was in for…they look something like this:

  • Mile 1- Flat
  • Mile 2- Small Hill
  • Mile 3- Downhill
  • Mile 4- Rolling
  • Mile 5-6- Downhill
  • Mile 7- Small Hill, Rolling
  • Miles 8-9- Hills
  • Miles 10-11- HILL!! (Ugh!!!)
  • Mile 12- 13.1- Flat with a small hill

This should be interesting! That two mile hill towards the end is going to be a killer! Hopefully my hilly training runs will pay off!

On the way home we stopped at an orchard for some apples…Honeycrisp! Finally! Yum..




I have been waiting all year for these!

Once home I decided that I needed to get a long run in. I hadn’t really been planning on going so I wasn’t properly hydrated and hadn’t eaten that great all day. My lunch sat in my stomach like a rock and I had major cramps! Will I ever learn?? Probably not… 🙂 There were a few major hills on my route and I tried to push through them as best as I could, knowing that I needed the hill training.

I ran 10.50 miles in 1:54:45, an average pace of 10:56. An improvement over last time! I was surprised since my stomach was really bothering me for most of the run.

My tibia started to really hurt once I got home so I iced it and am going to lay low for a day or two (or three). I do not want to hurt myself again and not be able to run this race so I am being very cautious!

Time to eat my way through a bag of apples! 😀