I think that my new hours are catching up to me…I am exhausted! I have been trying to get to bed earlier since I now have to be up at 5:45 but I have just been laying in bed for hours rather than sleeping. Maybe I will sleep well tonight! 🙂 I hope so!

After work I headed out for a 5 mile run. It was rather uneventful…I was trying to beat my time from last week but my legs were feeling really heavy today. I ran 5 miles in 52 minutes and 36 seconds.


I wear my CamelBak like that since it doesn’t have a chest strap…I may need to change it though since it was kind of bugging me…I think I need to cut the tube shorter or something.

Side note: I just tracked my running shoe order and it will be delivered tomorrow! Very exciting!

Once home I refueled with, what else, an apple and almond butter…the last of the bag we bought on Sunday. 😦


Dinner was the same as last night, soup and toast! Still tasty! I seriously could crawl into bed right now! And I just might… 🙂

Tomorrow is Friday! Woo hoo! Any plans for the weekend?