And finally…a race recap! I have been pretty busy and slightly sick so I haven’t really had the time or energy to put a post together. But here we are now…

I ran my second half marathon on Saturday, the Applefest Half Marathon in Hollis, NH, and it was not a pretty sight! I did not do well AT ALL! I’m not going to make excuses…I just was not prepared for the heat and I let it get the best of me.

The race didn’t start until 10 a.m. but I was still up at 6:00, too excited/nervous to sleep. I got up, took a shower (this definitely helps to wake you up and warm you up), and ate my standard pre-run meal of half a bagel with almond butter and an iced tea (sorry, no photos!). We headed to the race around 8:00 since it’s about a 45 minute drive.

At the start of the race I was feeling pretty good. I knew it was going to be a hot one but I felt strong and well hydrated. I had my CamelBak on and I was ready to go! My brother and a few friends were also running so we chatted for a bit and the gun was going off before we knew it!

The husband came along for support and to take photos! 😀 Thanks dear!

Just starting out… (sorry about the picture quality! we only brought the point-and-shoot and it was acting up…oh well!)


Mile Two…already red and sweaty!


I knew it was a bad sign when around Mile Three I was already asking myself how I was going to get through ten more! I was psyching myself out big time! Headphones were not allowed on the course so I didn’t even have music to help pass the miles.

At Mile Four my hero a man was standing in front of his house with a hose, spraying everyone down! It was amazing!! A few people later on in the race did the same…it helped so much! The first half wasn’t too bad as it contained a lot of downhill sections and offered quite a bit of shade. I was able to keep a fairly steady pace, albeit slower than planned.

At Mile Seven I decided to fuel up and ate a fruit snack (I had tested out different forms of fuel during my training runs, including GUs, and this seemed to work the best! :)). By this time I had to incorporate some walking breaks and was starting to drag. I think just knowing that the next few miles were mainly hills was slowing me down. The hills themselves (Miles 9-11) weren’t as bad as I was expecting but I still was unable to get through them without walking. I walked a lot during these miles.

Miles 12 and 13.1 were fairly flat except for one hill but they were out in the open with no shade. This part was probably harder than the previous miles. I felt awful and my quads were starting to cramp. Pretty much everyone around me was walking, just trying to finish.

I shuffled over the finish line at 2:43:27 with an average pace of 12:29. Almost a half hour over my goal time. 😦


Rather than be too disappointed with my time I am just going to be glad I finished and sign up for another race to hopefully redeem myself! We are looking into one in November so hopefully it will be a little cooler…I’ll keep you posted!

Post race fuel included a PowerAde, half of a banana, and some apple crisp. A cheeseburger may have been consumed later on… 😀