When I got home from work I really was not in the mood to go to the gym (it was pouring cats and dogs so a run outside was out) but knew I needed to get a workout in. I used my trick of changing into my workout clothes and that got me out the door.

I ran three miles on the treadmill in 31:00 and then did about 25 minutes of strength training. Walking out the door, I felt so good!! I’m so glad I went because it just made me feel so strong and healthy. Even my stretches felt awesome! 😀

Sporting my tech shirt from Applefest…


I stopped at the farm stand on my way home to pick up some apples and came out with a few treats!


Yum…cheese, crackers, and chocolate! 🙂 Oh, and the apples that I went in for…Honeycrisp again! I need to get my fill before the season is over.

Leftovers were the stars for dinner tonight. I was busy making some bread for tomorrow (I’m making dinner for my sister and her family tomorrow night since she just had a baby) so dinner was an afterthought.

Leftover lentil soup and some burger buns! 🙂 A delicious combo! I picked up this soup bowl at The Wal Marts (as the Pioneer Woman would call it) last week. I’m obsessed with random dishes! It’s a problem…



Time to finish up my bread and open up that chocolate!