Since I only went running once last week (and only two miles) I decided that I needed to pick it up this week. I may be signing up for another race and I need to at least keep up some of my endurance! After taking some time off I am always scared that I’m going to “forget” how to run or something. 🙂

After work I set out on a three mile run. I wasn’t going for speed or anything; I just wanted to feel good during the whole run. The weather was perfect, a bit cooler but the sun was nice and warm.

Being the sweaty betty that I am…


Haha, a hot mess (and why am I always standing in the doorway!!)! 3.25 miles in 32:48 (10:06 average pace). A decent run!

I stretched out really well and snacked on some nisu (Finnish coffee bread)…yum!


Hopefully tomorrow will bring another glorious run!

I’m currently reading this book and am really enjoying it! It’s an inspirational (Christian) novel about a boy with autism. So interesting!



Peace out!