I finally got around to getting my own domain name! My old WordPress address (willrun4food.wordpress.com) will forward you to this site but the new address is runsforfood.com. Woo hoo! 😀

I also finally got some exercise in! I will admit that I had a very lazy week in that department! I spent the morning working on technical blog stuff and debating whether or not to run or hit the gym. It is in the 30’s today here in New England!! Brr! I sipped on an iced tea and ate a bowl of cereal.


Deciding that I was not in the mood to pull out my running tights and ear warmer, I set out for the gym. I ran two long miles on the treadmill in 19:35 (if I remember correctly) and then spent a half hour lifting. It felt really good to be strength training…I need to do it more often!

After the gym I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and a bagel. A regular iced coffee with milk and sugar and an onion bagel with veggie cream cheese. A great lunch! Lacking veggies though so I’ll probably have a salad in a bit to get some greens in.



The coffee wasn’t very sweet so I put some brown sugar in it (thanks, Tina, for the idea!!). So good!!

Now it’s either a pedicure or some baking…hmm…