The weather today was just begging for a run! Blue skies and cool temperatures…perfect! I was long past due for a longer run so I decided to head out for five miles. After searching for my iPod for a half hour (including calling the gym to see if anyone turned it in!), I found it in my coat pocket. 🙂 I hate running without music!!

I pulled out the Camelbak since I have been feeling a little dehydrated lately.




I wore my Garmin but tried not to pay attention to my pace too much and just focus on feeling strong the entire time. It was an awesome run! No walking breaks were required and it felt so good! I ran five miles in 52:39 (an average of 10:32/mile). At the end I still felt like I could go on and on so it was a good, easy pace…though once home I tested my blood sugar and it was 55…oops! I guess I should’ve taken in some carbs during the run!

I stretched (after drinking some juice to bring my blood sugar levels back up) and then started dinner. I snacked on some cantaloupe and butter toffee almonds.


Dinner was baked chicken tenders with homemade honey mustard for dipping… with some brussel sprouts for some green. I had another half a piece of chicken…


This was a new recipe for me and it was really good! I’ll share it tomorrow…I slightly burned the chicken because I was busy photographing the milk bottle! 🙂


I just thought the glass bottle was so cute! 😀

A piece of chocolate and the couch are calling my name! 🙂

Good night!