So, I had a whole post written and Windows Live Writer just shut down…not cool!!

I headed out for a quick run after work today…it was a bit chilly so I had to bring out an old friend…

Long pants! 😀


It’s official…winter is on its way!! Ugh.

I ran 2 miles in 20 minutes (a very hilly route)…i contemplated doing another 2 mile loop but it was already getting dark…safety first! 😀

I came in and did 20 push-ups (the real kind…not the wimpy style ;))and 100 crunches…gotta strengthen those muscles! I stretched a little after with upward facing dog and child’s pose.  My back has been so tight lately and it felt so good to stretch it out!

Then I took the leap and registered for a 5 mile turkey trot on Sunday! I couldn’t find anyone else running it but decided to sign up anyway! I can’t allow that to stop me, even though I hate going to races alone. I’m a wimp! 🙂

The husband is working late so I’m just grazing for dinner…I started with a cup of brown rice…


and will probably have this persimmon or a grapefruit…and a salad!


I really should get some baking in but we’ll see if that happens…too much to do in not enough hours!!