Finally a race that was totally amazing!! The weather was a bit chilly but the sun was shining and the course was mostly flat!

Since the race didn’t start until 1 pm I was able to make it to church this morning and just left a little early. I headed to my parents house to change since it is closer…and stole a banana for some pre-race fuel.




(That is the running jacket that I picked up yesterday…I usually don’t run in new clothes on race day but since it was a shorter distance I figured I could handle any malfunctions…it was a bit big! but warm…)

I was a little nervous about parking (I was alone today) so I left with plenty of time to spare. They didn’t have a designated parking lot so we just had to find our own spots…not ideal but it actually wasn’t too bad. I parked and had about 45 minutes until the start so I hung out for a little bit in my car and then headed to the race area.

I chatted with a few other runners and hopped around for a bit to keep warm…it was time to head to the starting line before we knew it! It was a gun start but even with over 1100 runners it only took about 20 seconds to get over the line.

There was a small hill at the beginning but then the course was mostly flat/downhill! What a difference from my other races! It was a great course and I was able to keep a fairly steady pace of 9:30-10:00 minute miles. I don’t have my splits…can you set the Garmin 305 to automatically record mile splits?? I need to figure this out because I never remember to hit the split button.

I had chatted with a friend at the start but we weren’t planning on running together…we were actually pretty evenly matched for pace because we ran most of it together! It was nice to have someone to chat with (though I am not really a chatter when I run) and it really motivated me to stay on pace.

One thing I didn’t realize beforehand was that there were no water stops on the course…not a huge deal since it was only five miles but I still could’ve used some water!! My lips were soo dry at the finish!

At mile 4.5 there was a small hill that felt like Everest! I struggled to keep my pace but pushed through it! It was downhill from there to the finish line! I didn’t see a clock and I forgot to stop my Garmin until a bit after I crossed so I’m not sure of my time…my watch read 49:30 so possibly around 49 minutes? I was really happy with my time as my secret goal was to beat 50:00! Woo hoo! I felt so good after which makes me think I could’ve pushed it a bit more but overall it was a great race!

I grabbed a water, half a turkey sandwich, and a small cup of vegetable soup. It was delicious! Since I didn’t have anyone waiting on me I took my time and enjoyed it! Maybe I like going to races alone after all! 😉


Trying to snap a picture before anyone walked by… 🙂


I found my car and headed to Boston Donuts for an iced coffee (Hazelnut) and an egg and cheese bagel…it hit the spot!



I’m excited for the official results to be posted!

Headed to make myself a bowl of soup to warm up!

Enjoy your Sunday!