One of my purchases on Black Friday was a new phone! I had been eyeing the Droid Incredible and was so excited to find it on sale at Target for $49.99…and they are sending me a $50 Target gift card! I guess I can handle that… 😀


So far I like it! I was upgrading from a Blackberry Curve so it is a lot different! The touch screen is going to take some getting used to and I’m not very speedy with my texts right now…I love the apps, especially Pandora! Oh, and WordPress on my phone is helpful too!

That was just one of many purchases of the day! I picked up a bunch of work clothes for the husband at Old Navy, some running clothes from Target, running gloves and a yoga mat at Sports Authority, and some Christmas presents!

A very successful day indeed, though I did require a four-hour nap Friday afternoon! 😀

Did you get any awesome deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?