I made it out for a quick run this afternoon…since I haven’t been out in a while I just stuck to two miles, out and back! The sun popped out for a bit and it was glorious! I can’t wait to start picking up my mileage!

Two miles in 20:23.


The snow is melting!! For now… 😦 I’m sure we’ll still get plenty more!

I’ll probably snack on this sunny piece of citrus (a grapefruit) before we head to my parents’ house for some family time…


Don’t mind the dirty window…that is on my to-do list! 🙂

We sold our couch over the weekend (it’s just too big) so now we are looking to buy another…we went furniture shopping last night but it wasn’t very fruitful. It’s so hard to tell what something will look like in your home!

I found this online and really like it but we don’t know how the material would hold up…



What do you think? Too boring? I like the clean lines, the fact that it’s small, and that I could brighten it up with colorful pillows…hmm…