It really helps to schedule in your workout if you have a busy day! I planned to go right after breakfast and keeping it in my head that I needed to go helped get me out the door. I made the husband French toast (his favorite) for breakfast this morning since it’s his birthday and had a slice myself for a pre-workout breakfast and then headed out the door.

I warmed up with 10 minutes on the elliptical, then headed for the weights. I did a full body weight session (about 30 minutes) and finished with 20 minutes of spinning. It was a great workout and I was drenched by the end! It felt so good though!

I planned to make a smoothie afterwards but was too lazy. 😀 I grabbed an iced coffee instead, southern pecan with milk and sugar.


After running a bunch of errands I started prepping the husband’s birthday dinner…I’m doing a cheese fondue with different items for dipping and crème brulee with fresh raspberries for dessert. Hopefully it all comes out!

Since the crème brulee calls for 6 egg yolks I used half of the leftover whites to make an egg scramble for lunch. I hate wasting! Keeping with Eat the Fridge, I used what we had on hand…a handful of spinach, mushrooms, and feta. A slice of toasted sourdough completed the meal.


Our fridge is slowly emptying out! I will admit that I did purchase a few items for dinner tonight since it’s a little more special than normal…but other than that we are still on track!