Yesterday was spent looking for and purchasing some new living room furniture. My mom, my sister, and I embarked on this day-long journey…sweet success! I purchased a recliner…


And a sofa.


I love it! It’s small enough to fit into our odd shaped living room but still offers plenty of sitting room. Now I just need to buy a new rug and some tables or something…I got the furniture from Jordan’s. We also stopped into IKEA (my first time!) and I bought some curtains and the throw that is on the chair. I was a genius, though, and only bought one set of curtains…and we have two windows in the living room…I rock! 😀 It’s about an hour and a half drive so it’s not like I can just stop by. We are already planning our next trip though so I’ll be able to grab some more.

Once this room is done maybe I’ll do a home tour…

I’ve been running around doing errands all day so lunch was quick…two mini tuna and spinach sandwiches on cranberry pecan bread, which is pretty amazing! With an orange on the side…