After a not so restful night (due to coffee consumed at 4 p.m.! Why do I do this to myself?) I threw together a quick pre-workout breakfast…an english muffin with maple almond butter (Justin’s) and honey, with some blackberries on the side…



I wasn’t feeling it though and could only eat half of the muffin and the berries…oh well! It usually is a great pre-workout meal since it doesn’t give me stomach issues but I just wasn’t that hungry this morning. I also had a small glass of iced tea.

At the gym I ran three miles on the treadmill in 32 minutes, including a 2 minute warm-up. I was great to run but I hate treadmills and I think three miles is my sanity limit…unless I’m training for a race and need to get mileage in. I was feeling ambitious and completed a 45-minute strength circuit. It felt awesome!! I worked everything…upper, abs, and lower!

I’m off to find some lunch! Sporting my new favorite sweatshirt from H&M (my one non-work related purchase)…comfy! And yes, my face is still red from my workout…it’s a problem…


And a peek at the pillows I’m making…it’s just the front draped over a pillow form since I forgot a zipper and can’t put it together yet…I may want to keep it for myself! 😉 I used a coffee bean sack that I found somewhere for some texture…what do you think?