Hello friends! 😀

I had to work a longer day yesterday and didn’t really have too much time for the computer…it was a good day though!

Some recent eats:

Breakfast on the go…green monster! Yum! I used the rest of the spinach (about a cup and a half), a banana, and a cup of soymilk.



Lunch packed for the office…a salad made with romaine, carrots, red bell pepper, chickpeas, and feta…I also ate a Siggi’s orange and ginger.


Dinner last night was not exactly healthy or very good… 😦 It was taco pie…made with crescent rolls for the crust (from a tube), ground beef with taco seasoning, sour cream (I used plain greek yogurt), cheese, and crushed tortilla chips, with lettuce on top. Let’s just say we probably won’t be revisiting this recipe…the orange was good though! 🙂 I’ve had it before when a friend made it and it was good but mine just wasn’t…


I didn’t have to work today so I got some things done around the house…nothing sounded good for breakfast so I settled on…fruity pebbles! Yuck…now I remember why I never eat cereal like this.


I decided to run to Home Goods just to browse and ended up finding a chair for our living room! I love it and it’s almost exactly what I had in mind…we’ll see what Reid thinks when he gets home! 😀



The living room is slowly coming together…I just need to head back to IKEA for a rug and more drapes…

Any big plans for the weekend? We have…wait for it…more snow coming tomorrow! Joyful.