Hi friends! Hope your week was spectacular!

We officially completed Week 1 of P90X! I’m actually really starting to like the morning workouts…it’s so nice to get it out of the way! We started a little later this morning and met up at 7.

I grabbed some bread with peanut butter on my way out the door…I’ve found that this is very easy to digest and doesn’t give me any stomach problems, yet gives me enough fuel to get through the workout!


We completed the plyometrics workout today and it was hard, but awesome! It consisted of a lot of squats and jumps and really got your heart rate up. I had to work to push through some of the moves but was able to finish. Monday was the worst workout of the week and I think it was just because I was adjusting to a new schedule…I look forward to them now!

I came home and made some breakfast…eggs, toast, and veggies! Delicious!


Today just so happens to be my birthday so I may have started the celebration off with a piece of chocolate! 😀


We have dinner reservations for tomorrow night since Reid is most likely working late tonight…maybe a mani/pedi and some shopping will take place today? We’ll see…

Enjoy your day!!