Howdy! How’s your weekend coming along?

Reid and I went out to dinner last night for my birthday to the Bedford Village Inn. It was amazing! I didn’t take any photos but I dined on fresh bread, clam chowder, an amazing pork shank dish with lentils and spinach and chocolate molten cake for dessert. Everything was delicious and indulgent! A perfect birthday dinner!

We went to church this morning and then came home to hang out and relax…I win the award for most boring lunches and had a ham and feta sandwich with an orange…so good but very repetitive! I didn’t bother taking a picture because you’ve surely seen it before! 🙂

I made cookies this afternoon and then decided to pop in the P90X yoga DVD. It’s 90 minutes long so we probably won’t be doing it during the week…or at least not the whole thing!


I think the longest yoga workout I’ve done has been 45 minutes so this was pretty intense! I made it through most of it though and was very proud! I even attempted crane pose and held it for a whole couple of seconds! 😀


Yes, I fell on my head a few times but that’s beside the point…

After yoga my blood sugar level dropped really low (35) so I quickly drank some juice and ate a cookie…or two…or three! 🙂 I wasn’t counting.

After it came back up I made some dinner…I must’ve been lacking protein!

An over-easy egg, sautéed spinach (in olive oil and topped with some Garlic Gold nuggets), and some baked beans.


An odd combo but it totally hit the spot…I need to eat spinach like this more often! Yum!

Time to get ready for the week ahead! An early morning workout calls for an early bedtime…I may even head there now! Yawn.