Hi guys! What a beautiful sunshine-y day! 😀

(Did you notice the new header? I was just messing around with it…I’m not sure if I’ll keep it or not. What do you think? Too boring?)

I started the day off right with P90X Core Synergistics at 6 a.m. This was the first workout we did last week and I could make it through it…this week was much better, but still tough! I’ve been using 8 pound hand weights and had to put the weights down for some of the moves. I’m sure I’ll slowly improve!

Breakfast #1 and #2 were the same as yesterday! A slice of bread with peanut butter pre-workout and a bagel sandwich afterwards, with an added pear this time. The pear was pretty mushy though so I only ate half. No pictures today, sorry!

Lunch was a tasting plate of side dishes. I hate wasting food so I decided to heat up some leftovers to get them out of the fridge…baked beans (probably two servings), mashed sweet potatoes and sautéed spinach! Delicious!


The spinach is so good and so easy to make…it maybe takes 5 minutes! I just heat some olive oil in a pan and throw in the spinach and toss it until it’s wilted! I sprinkle it with Garlic Gold nuggets…


I found these at the grocery store in Florida. After seeing them on other blogs I just had to bring some home to try for myself! I love them! They give any dish a nice garlic flavor without being overwhelming. I will cry when they’re gone.

Adios, amigos!