Hi guys! Today has been a great day so far! We kicked it off with some P90X Kenpo this morning (kickboxing…pun intended ;)). I missed this workout last week so this was my first time trying the full workout. I love it and it may be my favorite of the bunch! We finished it off with Ab Ripper and called it a day.

Breakfast #1? You guessed it! Bread with peanut butter.

Breakfast #2


Two cage-free eggs over-medium and some kalamata olive and rosemary bread that I picked up from the farm market yesterday.


It has whole olives in it and is amazing!! I can’t wait to try the other flavors, like flaxseed and sweet red pepper and cheddar! Sounds dreamy!

An iced coffee was also enjoy, with vanilla soymilk and sucanat, also picked up at the market.



I decided to try sucanat after reading Annie’s post on Strong, Healthy, Fit about different “raw” sugars. It’s the least refined form of sugar cane so it has a very strong molasses taste and still has some nutrients. Just something new to mix things up and to be consumed in moderation! 😀

I decided to grab lunch on my way home from work and stopped at Twelve Pine in Peterborough, NH. I grabbed some sort of wild rice salad with spinach and vegetables tossed in a vinaigrette.


It was majorly lacking in the greens department so I dished some out onto a bed of spinach at home.


Eh, it was just ok…not very flavorful and I probably wouldn’t get it again. This is the only thing I haven’t liked from there, though! Everything else has been delicious. I also grabbed a cup of fresh fruit but ate it on the way home…I was starving! 🙂

Another iced coffee was also purchased…I added soymilk and sucanat when I got home! I’m sure to be up all night.


I have pulled pork brewing in the crockpot as we speak! Can’t wait! It smells delicious…

Beginning the Balance: Make small changes to your diet but don’t cut something out completely, especially if it’s something you enjoy! This will only make the cravings worse and can lead to binging. Enjoy those sweet (or salty) treats…in moderation, of course! I love chocolate so I keep a bag of small pieces (like Dove) in my freezer and enjoy a few at night after dinner!