Good Morning!!

The fluffy stuff is falling from the sky again…but let’s focus on the fluffy stuff that is eaten out of a bowl!


Whipped banana oats, courtesy of Kath! This is probably the best bowl of oats I’ve ever had. So creamy and…fluffy! 🙂 It was gone much to soon! The banana melts into the mixture and the chia seeds take on a gel-like texture…probably doesn’t sound so great but it’s amazing, trust me!  I forgot to add the salt and vanilla, per the recipe, but it still tasted fine. Next time…

A close up for textures’ sake:


I added a sprinkling of walnuts and about a teaspoon of white chocolate peanut butter.


I’ve had this stuff sitting around since last summer and have been on a little kick lately, eating it on my pre-workout slice of bread. It’s delicious! I am more of an almond butter eater but I love the slight sweetness the white chocolate gives this. Yum!

I got my workout in before breakfast with the P90X Shoulders and Arms DVD and Ab Ripper. Today concludes Week Two! Only eleven more to go…I’m looking forward to them!

I really like the program so far and feel like I’m truly getting an adequate workout with each one. They are longer than other exercise DVDs that I’ve done but I feel like I need the extra time to push myself. They are tough and I still can’t complete all of them straight through but I’m working up to it! Having a group of friends to do it with has been so helpful for getting through it each day and getting up to do it each morning. We keep each other accountable and push and encourage one another. It makes it so much more enjoyable!

Even though we are only on the third week I feel like I’m stronger than I was in the beginning and starting to see a bit (if only a tiny bit :)) more definition in my arms and abs. We’ll be taking progress photos sometime in the next few weeks so we’ll see then!

Enjoy your day!!