Hello! How’s your day?

I’ve been getting some things done around the house…I love checking things off of my list! Or lists I should say…I’m the queen of lists!

I got my blood pumping this morning with Kenpo and Ab Ripper…I’m always glad to have the workout over with even if I don’t love getting up early. I feel so accomplished when I’m done by 7-7:30!

I had oatmeal for breakfast…still not getting old!

Lunch was a tuna wrap with romaine and pickles! Tasty! I didn’t feel like chopping anything up for the tuna so I just mixed it with a little mayo, salt, and pepper.


I baked some cookies this morning and may have snagged one or two…yum!

Oatmeal white chocolate chip…I’ll share the link when the recipe is posted…it’s for a guest post! 🙂


I have an appointment this afternoon for a haircut! Bangs or no bangs…hmm. I’m going back and forth between these two cuts…




I think the only real difference is the bangs…that’s my pickle! 😉

We’ll see! I’m really excited…I need a cut so bad!

Happy Friday!