The temps are up slightly (40!) so I decided to head out for a run. No ear warmer or gloves needed!! Spring may be on its way…though we’ll probably get snow tomorrow or something.


My first run in a while and it was awesome! The air was so refreshing. Three miles in 30:10! Not too shabby…I felt great the whole time and that’s all I was going for.

I think I’ve worn the same outfit for running all winter! Clearly I didn’t get out enough…


Meltage happening all around! 🙂 I had to dodge ice and puddles but it kept things interesting.


Once home I was famished! We went to Longhorn last night and I saved half of my meal for lunch today.


Salmon with rice pilaf and veggies…it was really good!


Eating out and choosing healthier options is something I’m still struggling with…everything else usually looks better than what I know I should order! We don’t eat out all that much but I’m slowly making better choices, though even the “healthy” options usually aren’t very healthy. And sometimes a cheeseburger and fries will only do! 🙂

Going to sit for a bit and read this…


and then grab some groceries. We are almost out of fresh fruits and veggies! If they aren’t on hand, you can’t eat them! I’m so profound sometimes… 😀

A cake needs to be frosted at some point and a shower would probably be a wise decision too…