Hi friends! How was your day?

I had to work today so we worked out at 6 bells. P90X Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper were on the agenda. It was a decent workout and passed by quickly. I was pretty tired though, probably from my two workouts yesterday (I ended up going for a 3 mile run in the afternoon). I’m going to only run three days this week to ease into it…trying to avoid injuries this time around! We are halfway through Week Four! Reid says he can notice some changes but I don’t really see it yet…

After work I went grocery shopping and started to get things together for a cupcake order for Friday. My recipes have been scattered all around (some written on little scraps of paper) and it was really bugging me! I took some time this afternoon to go through them and start a Nutmeg recipe binder…top secret, of course! 😉


So much better! They are all typed up in a uniform font and tucked into plastic sheet protectors…hopefully no more chocolate fingerprints! 😀

Reid is out tonight so I was on my own for dinner…banana oats did the trick! And now I’m snacking on some strawberries…I can’t wait until they are in season!


Are you generally neat and organized or a bit more “free”? 🙂 I try to keep our house as neat as possible but I feel like I need to get rid of some stuff right now…I want everything to have a place! It actually causes some anxiety just thinking about it… 🙂