Hi lovelies! 😀 So much going on today!

I really didn’t feel like getting up to workout but I’ll be missing the workout tomorrow so I dragged myself out of bed. It was Plyometrics day and boy was it a workout! Plyometrics is made up of a lot of lunges, squats, and jumps…I was drenched by the end!

I’ve been eating a banana pre-workout this week and it had been holding me over well. I came home and made eggs and toast…I think I’ve had this every morning this week! No pictures…didn’t want to bore you!

I worked a little later today and then came home and whipped up some cupcakes for an order and put together some dinner…pizza and salad! It was just a frozen pizza and it was disgusting! I ate two small slices just to eat something but it was just bad. The salad was delicious though (spring mix, feta, strawberries, pecans, and a simple vinaigrette).



I don’t think this will hold me over for very long so I’ll probably have an orange in a bit and maybe a piece of chocolate.

I have the day off tomorrow but it’s sure to be busy! I’m skipping the morning workout since I need to get blood work done in the morning (diabetes check-up) and I have to fast. I have to finish up the cupcakes and then later I’m headed to Boston to see Hillsong United!!! We just got tickets and I’m so excited!


(Still have to watch on YouTube…anyone know how to get around this??)

Have you gone to any concerts lately? Who did you see?