Hi guys! I took a little break from blogging…sometimes I just need some time off! 🙂

Dinner last night was simple and delicious…Inspired by Peanut Butter Fingers we made a kale and potato frittata using these hashed browns instead of sweet potato…they had been sitting in the freezer and needed to be used up!




With a shared bowl of fresh fruit.



It has been a busy week and I’m so happy it’s Friday!! We are having some awesome weather in New England and it feels like spring is really on the way! Can’t wait!

We didn’t work out this morning so I got to sleep in a bit, though I had to work so I was up by 7:30. I started the day with eggs and toast…the usual!

After work I grabbed a salad from a local cafe…it was mediocre. I still managed to finish it though… 😉


I also enjoyed a yogurt…my favorite Siggi’s flavor! So good! It’s kind of weird but I can never finish one of these containers! Must be the high protein…


I have a cupcake order for tomorrow but other than that my weekend is free!! Hopefully the weather holds up for some running! I might head out in a bit for a walk or something to enjoy the fresh air (the kind that doesn’t burn your nose and throat :)).

Hope you have a fabulous weekend planned!!