Hi guys!

Today has been a busy day and I’m ready to crash! After finishing up the cupcake orders we got ready and headed out for dinner…at 5:00! Early-bird specials? 😀 Sometimes I feel as though we are an elderly couple!

We ate at our favorite Mexican joint and then ran to the Christian book store and back to Target…I had to return a sweatshirt that I bought last night that was too big.

I got the new Hillsong CD, Aftermath…awesome. We blared it the whole way home!

I’ve just been catching up on blogs and just relaxing…in my new sweatshirt and capris (both from Target). 🙂 It looks orange but is really a coral pink…the sleeves are kind of weird and baggy but the torso fits good! And they’re only $19.99! I wear workout clothes 90% of the time that I’m at home…comfort is key!! And this was my first attempt at using the self-timer…


I have been enjoying P90X since I can wear some cuter workout clothes! Running gear is usually more functional than fashionable… For P90X I’ve been working out in capris like these (I have two pairs of the same ones from Target and I love them) and a tank top.

We’ll probably watch a movie or something in a bit. Eating at 5 means I’m ready for a snack now! My go-to snack lately…an orange (or apple) and some chocolate (still from Valentine’s Day, I’m doing good!).


Refreshing and sweet…and hydrating! I have not been drinking enough water lately.

Off to chug some H2O!!