Howdy! Happy Monday!

I started the week off right with an early morning sweat session. We did P90X Cardio and Ab Ripper and it was a great workout! My day just goes so much smoother if I’ve gotten a workout in! I don’t have it hanging over my head all day and can get other things done after work instead.

Some recent eats from yesterday and today:

Sunday morning breakfast- some banana oats!


Afternoon snack: buttered toast with garlic gold nuggets…amazing!


An everything bagel with an egg and slice of cheese for breakfast…


And because I clearly am lacking carbs, a handful of some sweet potato chips!



These are my new best friend! 🙂 So good!

I’m glad I did this post…an easy way to see that I clearly need some greens and fruit in my life!! I really struggle with healthy eating on the weekends (and apparently on Mondays too ;))…I’m working on it! While I don’t diet or restrict any certain foods, I do try to enjoy treats and certain processed foods in moderation. What I’ve learned to do is just recognize how I feel after eating certain things…right now, I’m pretty tired and groggy, and you can see why (though all of my meals aren’t documented…I did actually have some fruit)! Not necessarily what I ate but what I didn’t eat.  You really feel the benefits of healthy eating habits!

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’d have to say that I would probably pick bread! I love carbs! It’s a problem actually (and not only because I’m diabetic)… 😀