Good morning!

I have the day off so I was able to sleep in a bit before heading to workout at 8. We did P90X Core Synergistics and it was fabulous! Really sweaty. 🙂 I feel like I’m getting stronger and am able to complete more of the workout now, though still not 100%. I think we’ve decided to add a week on for 14 total so next week will be the halfway point! We may need to take some photos to compare to our ‘before’ pictures.

I was really hungry by the time I got home since we sat around and chatted for a bit so I quickly threw together some breakfast. Are you sick of eggs yet? I’m not! 😉


Two cage free eggs, a pile o’ strawberries, and a slice of toast (I’m trying to tame my carboholic ways, slowly).


Delicious and filling. I sipped this tea instead of coffee…Moroccan Mint Green Tea! I love the ingredients but I will admit that I would like it a little sweeter. 🙂 It’s sweetened with honey so I may add a little more…otherwise, the flavor is great!


And I’m off! Enjoy your morning!

Beginning the Balance: Before you go grocery shopping, plan out some meals for the week, including breakfast and lunch, then make a shopping list. This will help you to stick with healthier choices when junk food or not-so-healthy options are calling to you (what? this doesn’t happen to you?). It will also save money since you’re not impulse shopping and buying things you might not need/use. I don’t plan a meal for each specific day, I just make a list of dinners and pick one as I go! Flexibility is key for me! I also make sure to grab enough fruit for the week for a healthy snack.