{Wordpress was down last night so I couldn’t post this until now}

Hi guys! It’s been a productive day in these parts! I got a lot of laundry and organizing done. Boring, but I feel accomplished! 🙂

Lunch was pretty amazing. I went out with some friends last night for dinner and we went to Longhorn’s. I brought home half of my meal for lunch today since the portions are so big!


Look familiar? 🙂 It was so yummy last time that I had to repeat it. Salmon with rice pilaf and veggies. I also had a strawberry pecan salad last night…and made one today too to go along with the leftovers!


Spring mix, strawberries, honey roasted pecans, feta cheese, and herbed vinaigrette (pomegranate balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and Italian seasonings). Yum!


Fresh and tasty! I also had a piece of chocolate…or two…or three…


I decided to try a new recipe for dinner tonight, spicy kale lasagna! I followed this recipe and just subbed some jarred sauce rather than making my own. Sometimes I’m lazy…or all of the time but that’s beside the point.




Delicious! Very easy and the flavors were great. I especially loved the little kick from the red pepper flakes. We’ll see if Reid approves…he’s working late so I ate alone. I also had a slice of toast with butter and garlic gold nuggets. It was calling my name. 😉

I have some cookie dough chilling in the fridge so I’m off to bake them!

Enjoy your evening!

What’s your least favorite chore?

If I had to pick just one :), it would probably be cleaning the floors (vacuuming and mopping). Ugh. Dishes are a close second though!