Hi guys! We are halfway through the week! Woot! 😀

I feel like I haven’t had the time to put much thought into my meals and they’ve been slightly boring. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to plan meals! I really like to sit down on the weekend and write a list of meals for the week…I feel much more organized and I’m not scrambling at night for a recipe or idea! That didn’t happen this week, hence the lackluster eats.

We didn’t meet up for P90X this morning so I slept in and enjoyed a bowl of banana oats before getting ready for work. They were delicious, as always! After work I grabbed a salad and an iced coffee on my way home…laziness, again!

A chef salad with ham, turkey, cheddar, romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and croutons. I had some honey mustard on the side. I think I’ll stick with a garden salad next time…this didn’t sit well for some reason.


Southern pecan iced with milk and sugar. Best coffee ever!


After munching I ran to the grocery store…I feel like I am constantly grocery shopping lately! It’s the lack of a meal plan, I tell ya! Since I hadn’t gotten a workout in yet and it was so nice outside I decided to head out for a run once I got home…mandatory photo shoot first, though! 😉 Hurray for only two layers on top and cropped pants!



P90X is working…I think. I feel like my biceps are huge! 😉

I didn’t have much time so I set out on a speedy two mile jaunt. I was back in 18:24! Not too shabby, especially since I haven’t been out regularly.

I sipped on some POM Wonderful juice as I prepped dinner, extra ice. I thought I bought sparkling water today but turns out it was still! I was pretty bummed…I really wanted sparkling POM! So yum!


Dinner tonight was meatball subs, with sautéed garlic kale.



They were pretty good but the bread was not so we ditched it after a few bites. Breadless subs? Sure, why not! Can you believe I turned down a carb? I can’t.

This is how I’m spending the rest of the evening! Cadbury Mini Eggs! Must.control.myself. 😀