Hi guys! As promised, here is some more information on the P90X nutrition plan. If you have no interest in this topic, you can skip this post. 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not an RD or a personal trainer. Most of this information is from the P90X nutrition plan booklet. Always consult with your doctor before starting a new fitness or nutrition routine.


P90X is a 90-day fitness and nutrition program. While I have been doing the workouts for almost 8 weeks now, I never started the nutrition plan. I’m not one to diet or do anything drastic (like cut out a certain type of food completely) so I kind of glanced at the booklet and disregarded it, thinking that it was a crazy diet plan.

While I feel a lot stronger and more fit, I haven’t really lost any weight since starting this program, and may have even gained some! I say maybe because I haven’t weighed myself in a while. Obviously the number on the scale isn’t all-important but I do have some weight to lose and not seeing the number go down is a little frustrating at times. I also go by how my clothes fit and some of my jeans are a tad tighter than I would like. 🙂

So, that’s why I decided to try out the nutrition plan, after reading through it more closely. Here’s a rundown of the basics:

  • Three-phase program featuring fat shredder, energy booster and endurance maximizer phases.
  • Three approaches to each phase including portion, meal plan and quick option.
  • Different levels in each phase/plan to accommodate different calorie needs.
  • Designed to be followed for 90 days, though you can set your own timeline of when you’ll move on to the next phase.
  • Focuses on all food groups.

Some things that I really like about this plan is that it doesn’t completely cut out any of the food groups. It really is how I normally eat, just with a few less carbs and more protein! I like that they focus on eating real food, rather than low-calorie or other "diet" food. And also, they aren’t suggesting anything crazy like only consuming 1200 calories a day. These workouts are intense and you need to fuel your body properly!

This blurb is even found in the booklet.

"Don’ts" that can derail your diet include:

  • Skipping meals and eating off schedule.
  • Following fads and trends, such as overemphasizing certain food groups and completely excluding others.
  • Not planning your food choices ahead.
  • Skimping on fruits and vegetables, your natural supply of antiaging nutrients.

Sounds like sound advice to me!

Now, I’m not going to list the whole plan but I’ll share what I’m following right now. I also want to say that I’m not being super strict with this. If one day I don’t get everything in, I’m not going to sweat it. Just as long as I try!

I’m starting out at the Fat Shredder phase, Level One (1800 calories). I have chosen to follow the portion option, as I’m not likely to follow the meal plan exactly. I need some flexibility. The quick option is if you’re really busy and helps you to choose healthier options on-the-go (like at fast food restaurants).

  • Protein- 5 servings
  • Dairy- 2 servings
  • Fruits- 1 serving
  • Vegetables- 2 servings
  • Fats- 1 serving (the book actually says two but I think it’s a typo)
  • Carbs- 1 (!) serving
  • Snacks- 1 serving, plus a recovery drink and protein bar
  • Condiments- 1 Serving

So there you have it! They also provide lists of some options for each food group and the serving size (their servings are sometimes different that what a package might say so definitely check that out…you can have two slices of bread, rather than just one). Only one carb serving is a little tough but I’m doing it so far! I have been going over on the fruit but I’m not too concerned. I’ve been mixing protein powder with chocolate milk for a recovery drink but I haven’t bought any protein bars yet. I may not, either.

I’ll try to stick with it for a while and see how I feel! If anything, it’s helping me to evaluate my food options and make better choices…and helping me to up my protein intake which is great! The energy booster phase adds in another carb so there is a light at the end of the tunnel! 😉

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

And quickly, lunch today consisted of an open-faced tuna (some mayo, garlic gold nuggets, salt and pepper) sandwich with a fresh juice (protein, carb, condiment, vegetable and fruit!). Note to self, this juice combo is not so delicious and should not be repeated. 😀 I still drank it though.




Enjoy your day!