Good morning! My day is off to a great start with P90X Core Synergistics under my belt already…I love getting it over with early! It was a great and sufficiently sweaty workout (lots of push-ups).

I grabbed a granola bar before heading out the door earlier and once I got home I quickly put together a protein chocolate milk (1 cup nonfat milk, a tablespoon of chocolate syrup, and a scoop of protein powder). I need to up my protein intake and this really helps…more than 20 grams in one shot! It tastes good too.


For breakfast I whipped up some scrambled egg whites with mushroom and feta…spinach would’ve been a great addition but I forgot to pick some up. With a slice of this amazing sweet red pepper and cheddar bread…I could easily eat the whole loaf. 😀


Quite the protein punch to kick my day off! Off to shower and then to work…an iced coffee will probably be consumed.

Do you prefer morning or evening workouts?

I used to hate getting up early to workout…it would sometimes make me sick to be working that hard so early but my body is adjusting! I still like later workouts too though…it’s a different kind of intensity.