Hi friends! Hope you had a great day!

Once home from work I was pretty hungry so I threw together a huge salad…romaine, cucumbers, mushrooms, cheddar, and ham…with some honey mustard on the side.


It was good but didn’t really fill me up! I’m surprised because it was huge and had protein and fat. But, alas, my stomach was still grumbling 15 minutes later. So I snacked on a slice of toasted bread (red pepper and cheddar) with a little butter. So good. About an hour later I also had a pineapple Chobani.


I was feeling pretty lazy for dinner so I picked up some take-out for Reid and threw together a quick meal for myself of a veggie burger topped with an egg on toasted bread (carbs, again) with a mound of broccoli on the side.


I can’t remember the brand of these veggie burgers (they are organic, that much I do know) but they weren’t the best…really crumbly! I still ate it though, of course. You know I don’t waste food. πŸ˜€ Thinking back I guess I could’ve put the burger on a bed of kale instead of bread to avoid the extra carbs…oh well!

And some fun news…my dad signed us up for a 5K on Saturday! My first race this year! I’m hoping for a PR…the last 5K I ran (I’ve only ran two) was more than a year ago so I better beat my time. It was when I first started running after my injury so it wasn’t very good. I’m excited to be running it with my dad! He used to race (half marathons and below) a lot when he was younger and is getting back into it.

Do you have any races coming up? If you race, what is your 5K PR (personal record)?

Mine is somewhere around 30:30, coming off of an injury. Not that this is a bad time at all but I just know I can do better! πŸ™‚ Competition with self!