Hi friends! Happy Saturday! Hope your week was great…mine was okay, just a tad boring! 🙂 My meals were super repetitive and I just didn’t really feel like blogging about them…eggs, again?? 😉 And nothing exciting was really happening around these parts…

I mentioned earlier this week that my dad had signed us up for a 5K today. The race started at 9 so he planned to pick me up at 8.

I usually prepare for races the night before but just wasn’t too into it…so I was left scrounging for some clothes this morning (they may or may not have been dirty) and getting all of my gear together. I ate breakfast (yup, eggs and toast) and finished getting ready.


Some blurry berries were also consumed.


This breakfast sat well and I didn’t have any stomach issues. This race was more of a local fun run to raise money for a woman with MS and there weren’t too many runners there…but the organizers did a good job and even had a water station (I didn’t partake though)! We picked up our bibs and t-shirts and bundled up…it was a whopping 32 degrees (come on, New England). Gloves and ear warmers were donned, as well as jackets.


I didn’t get any photos at the race since it was just my dad and I…

We lined up at a cross walk that was the ‘start line’ and on "go," we were off! I really focused on not going out too fast since that has been an issue for me. Our pace was steady for the first half mile but then the hills set in…it was completely uphill until the halfway point! Ugh…I was not pleased! Our pace dropped drastically and I was pretty bummed. I was really hoping for a PR! We made up some time on the last mile that had a lot of downhill sections but we couldn’t fully recover the lost time.

Luckily, at one point I glanced down at my watch and realized we were at the 3.1 mile mark…with no finish line in sight. I was able to hit the lap button to catch our time of 31:32 (darn hills). The finish line was another .4 mile…seriously? That was a little annoying. I can see being a little off but almost a half mile?

I was really glad I got to run it with my dad, though, and I think we both had a good time. We grabbed some waters (and an apple for me) and headed out. Now I need to find our next race! I’ll get this PR one way or another! 🙂

I munched on this granola bar when I got home.


And the t-shirts (the best part? :))…


All in all, an ok race…but they raised over $16,000, which is awesome!!

PR, I’m out to get you! 😉

Any fun plans for the weekend?